The Land of Gold








The Land of Gold


Long time ago, in 13th century, Marco Polo, a Venetian merchant traveller, visit many of Asian countries by ship including Japan and his journey was reported in “Il Milione”. In “Il Milione”, there is a description about Japan and Marco Polo described this country as A Land of Gold.Japanese scenery often contain golden color when in Autumn - Winter season. This is caused by the ground itself by yellowish soil and covered with dry yellow grass in autumn,then it looks golden.When we walk into the country of Japan, a little far from cities, most of the people feel some kinds of nostalgia looking into the golden scenery. I am one of them and begun shooting to investigate how this feeling happens when we see golden sceneries. I have been concluding the reason that the scenery reminds of human’s primal scene of living in nature so the scenery bring people to feel nostalgia.THE LAND of GOLD is a photographic series built by many of the images of around Kansai area, middle west part of Japan, to present Japanese primal scenes.

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